Family Feud has been a part of the American pop culture landscape for decades now. [buzzer] Oh, uh pass. $10,000 in cash for the relatives!" - said upon the final answer in Fast Money, "But, if he/she does it all by his/herself, don't bring (insert other contestant) out." - Ray Combs (on an Opening Bullseye Question mentioned by Gene Wood at the Opening in 1992), "Welcome to The New Family Feud. O'Hurley: Name a way which you can make bathing a sexy experience. Don't look anywhere else. Karn: Name a TV show set on an island.Contestant 1:Miami Vice.Contestant 2:General Hospital. His very small package. Vint's latest money-making scheme is to get on "Family Feud" (the nighttime syndicated edition) and win $10,000 in Fast Money. - Richard Dawson, "(Yes,) They did!" Harvey: Thank you. Over this year, we've lost a beloved member of Family Feud, Louie Anderson. I'm sorry. Leading the team is the new next host of "The Tonight Show" Jimmy Fallon! Harvey: Yeah, look at her answers you think you think that's shocking. If you can get 100 points in the Fast Money round, you will earn 500 bonus points. - Richard Dawson (to the Controlling Family during the Triple Round if time runs short), "Top three answers on the board. The family introductions vary per special edition of the show. - Louie Anderson about the Family Circle Tournament finale, "(insert score recap). - Richard Dawson on the first taped episode of his 1994 comeback. Whoever takes control of the question, and when I get to you, you ll have only three seconds to answer. Contestant: The bottom part. Harvey: Little late for that. Good ain't gonna sound right, the medical term is almost worse a slang term would at least make your ding-a-ling something. (Gets buzzed, his sister said it)Contestant: The inside of my ear. (thats in) Hollywood, Calif. (thats) 90028! Dawson: Somewhere you see Farrah Fawcett's face. Combs: You know, the #1 answer was "Barks". Dawson: Give me a slang name for policeman. Thank you, thank you! Give it up for Steeeevee Harvey! Richard served as a panelist on Match Game, of which became an inspiration for the Feud. Family Feud Script view. Harvey: Two of these people are teachers in the family! Contestant 2: Your bra? - Richard Dawson (whenever an answer scored zero in Fast Money), "You passed. My daughter, and my wife, my two sons I love. ), you (challengers) are the new champs, otherwise you (champions) keep your title! Dawson: [laughs] Cuckoo [laughs & crowd laughs] A foo-- How the hell did you people get on this show? Thanks a lot." You understand that don't you?". Points are tripled, but you only get one strike. - Richard Karn (going into a second commercial break from 2002-2003), "Remember, our goal is 300 points, so don't go away, we'll be right back." ", 20022003: Harvey: You gonna sit up here on national TV and say "nekkid", and then point at the damn board like we gonna let you get away with it! And we go to Sudden Death. Harvey: Those--Those people on top row over there. [buzzer] Dawson[to the other family]: Name something made of leather that a cowboy uses. O'Hurley: Name a famous Carey (or Cary/Carrie).Contestant:John Kerry. - John O'Hurley (on occasion from 2006-2010), "(We surveyed 100 people,) Top (insert number) answers on the board." (insert winning family) playing Fast Money for $5,000/$10,000/(Bullseyeamount) isright after this." Louie was a contestant on Celebrity Family Feud way back in 2017, of which he have inspiration for the Feud. You need to focus and concentrate to get the money. Note: From 2011-13, Joey Fatone says his own name seen above for this introduction. Combs:[during Fast Money]Something that improves with age. The number 2 answer is Butter. Yeah. (shown on one episode of the Harvey era). - Richard Dawson, Ray Combs, and John O'Hurley (when a strike has gotten), "That takes us to the end of this round. Harvey: (starts laughing) Just Just shut up! Folks, we have some sad news to give to you. - Ray Combs/Richard Dawson (when the winning family member passed on "Blank" answer and got no points in Fast Money), "What did the/our survey say?" [audience erupts in laughter]. I'm not going to repeatit again." Ang magpipinsan from Caloocan, ang Abuel Family (Kharmella and French Abuel) vs ang defending champion, ang De Guzman Family (Cheska at Shane De Guzman). He didn't just folded his arms. O'Hurley: Name a famous Betty.Contestant #1: Annette Betty.Contestant #2: Betty Washington. Harvey: How long could you go without buying something new. [Contestant's answer: "A duck."] Thank you. Steve: Welcome to Family Feud! Let's. I meant thank you! FAMILY FEUD HOSTS GO OFF SCRIPT! "Five dollars a point, total of $(XXX,)XXX dollars, and they are coming back to play again on Family Feud." Here are the rules and a list of 100 Family Feud survey questions and survey answers you can use to play the game with. Karn: Name a famous Dennis.Contestant: Buddy Holly. You said "ding-a-ling", any damn thing. [scored 9 points]. Whoo! Harvey: "Freddy Kr- who the hell are youmarriedto?!". You need (insert how many points needed to get 200 points). O'Hurley: Name the night of the week with the worst TV programs.Contestant:UPN. We sure will. - Steve Harvey (commemorating original Feud host Richard Dawsons death in 2012), "Hi, folks, we have a sad news to share with you. Combs: Name a famous game show host who would make a great talk show host. Introducing the Speir Family: Bob, Dee, Lisa, Paula and Greg, ready for action! Then, the other family gets a chance to steal." Let's start the FAMILY FEUD!!!! Karn: Name something you push a pin into.Contestant: Your eye. Dawson: Name an article of clothing that children are always losing. Contestant: That's my 90-year-old grandfather. So come on back." Thank you for the ovation, and thank you for joining us at home. It's/Introducing (insert team #1) playing for (insert charity)! You got to try to find the most popular answer. Slowly! You are in a minute. And now, here's your host, ((insert funny nickname here), (first season only)) JOHN O'HURLEY!!! When I get to you, you'll get three seconds to answer it. Harvey: He's praying? NOTE #1: When Richard Dawson hosted the show, he will sometimes omit "said" before the number of people appeared on the board. Dawson[after a brief pause]: Make a note of this show. Who's going first? Here's the star of Family Feud, RAY COMBS!!! Ray Combs: Oooohhh.. first strike. Here's the question. - Richard Dawson (when the answer made the survey), "(No,) They didn't/did not!" Now, here's the star of our show, RICHARD KARN!!! ", Ray: "Thank you (so) very much! - Louie Anderson (said during the Triple Round when the controlling family decides whether they will Pass or Play from 1999-2000), "One strike onlyfor this question." Thank-(hitting the end music in the air with his fist) Thank you so very much, thank you for tuning in at home. This template is intended for presentations relating to esports and game development. - Ray Combs (on a Face-Off during the Triple Round if time runs short), "You only get one strike, so they get to steal immediately." We got (insert celebrity team #1) playing for (insert charity of choice), and (insert celebrity team #2) playing for (insert charity of choice). Thank you! (Upon the Champion's 5th and final game for the car), (not only your family wins the game,)your family wins the car." Combs:[during Fast Money]The month people shop for fall clothing. ", "This is Joey Fatone from Universal Orlando Resort in sunny Florida! Thank you so very much, hello to the Kakadelas family, welcome to the Del Campos! Even if I never work again, they'll just be near me. Dawson: Name something you buy in a delicatessen. O'Hurley: Name the one thing people know aboutRosie O'Donnell.Contestant: I'll say that she was the wife on the TV showRoseanne. If not, (and there's enough points,) they'll play for $10,000/$20,000. (I hope you had fun!) ", 19881994:Daytime 19881992/Syndicated 19881992; 19931994: "Let's meet/Introducing the (insert family #1 (and their names)), ready for action! - 2002-present. It's Celebrity Family Feud! If you've just tuned in, we welcome you to the premiere episode of our evening version. - Ray Combs from the 1987 pilot, "Thank you. Los Angeles, CA, 90036!" We will miss you, Richard. Harvey: (starts laughing) What did he want do to you? I feel likeGene Rayburn. [buzzer]. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends. [While Contestant 2 is up, the show takes a five-minute delay due to Dawson's struggles to say the question due to his laughter over the "September" answer. Dawson: I beg your pardon? We have two great families(, and they're) ready to battle it out for the chance that one of them may/to win up to/might win a jackpot that could be worth $20,000. - Ray Combs when a family member hit it right on the nose during the Bullseye Round. I've done lots and lots of jobs, and I've never, ever had a job like Family Feud. (Before the Fast Money round starts). Welcome to Family Feud. The host asks a question, and the player who buzzes in first tries to guess the number one response. - Louie Anderson (PlayStation), "Thank you,you guys. Harvey: It explains, you know this explains, you have all the answers, but that we will be on the board. Oh, you gotta put your shoe. Harvey: If you were a kid, name something you use with a partner to practice kissing. Now, here's the star of our show, (insert funny nickname here), MR. RICHARD KARN!!! I'm gonna ask you the same 5 questions, you cannot duplicate the answers. Combs:[during Fast Money]A Christmas present you exchange. Harvey: We have 4 answers up there but we only have one strike. Dawson: I hope you won't take this the wrong way, Kenneth, butyou are weird. O'Hurley: Name a part of your body that never gets sunburned.Contestant: My butt. (insert contestant), look straight at me. I gotta tell you. Let's startthe championship match on the new FAMILY FEUD CHALLENGE!!!! ), "(Please follow Family Feud on social media. [laughter and applause from the audience]O'Hurley: You started off with romantic encounters in the elevatorContestant: You have no idea that this is--O'Hurley:Penicillin fromMexico, and now your advice to the fed-up husband from his wife is "go satisfy yourself". Let's start the NEWFAMILY FEUD!!!! ", Host Introduction #1: "With/Here's the star of Family Feud, RICHARD DAWSON/RAY COMBS!!! - Louie Anderson (going into a second commercial break from 1999-2002; although he makes funny jokes about the answers after the last round), "When we come back, we're gonna Triple the points and find out who's gonna play Fast Money and a chance for $20,000. Let's have some fun." Combs: Name a tradition associated with Christmas. - said during Fast Money. Its (the champs,) (it's) the (insert family #1)! Harvey: Name the month when you do your spring cleaning. (All the other questions are normal.)" That's very touching, but I'm double parked now, and so, we have to get on with this. - Ray Combs said after the first half of the Fast Money round, "(insert 1st name) got you (insert points gotten by 1st player). - Ray Combs. I thought that was thestupidest answer Harvey: Name a kind of crack.Contestant: Crackhead.Harvey:(resignedly) This show is going to hell. Family Feud (Tag) | FontStruct Fontstructions tagged with "Family Feud" Any Category Any Category Pixel Optimized Script Display Picture/Symbol Serif Blackletter Non-Latin Slab Serif Stencil Color Fonts Monospaced Any License Sort: Sharing Date Last Edit Comment Count Favorite Count Creation Date Character Count Alphabetically Show: All (20) What is the top answer to this (Family Feud) question: (insert question)? You win (the game (and the car))/get to play Sudden Death. 1975 Pilot: "It's time for the Family Feud! Thank you, please. Send a postcard to: Contestants, Family Feud, 6430 Sunset Blvd. Now sp-spe Combs:[during Fast Money]A fruit you might buy only one of. - Richard Dawson giving his opening speech on the 1985 ABC finale season. - Current version, "If you plan on being in Los Angeles, and would like to be a part of our studio audience, simply call these toll free numbers for tickets and information: In California, call [[5]]. HOO! And I asked my mother about it; I said, "Is there something wrong?". (And from (insert city and state),)Theyreplaying against/It's the (insert family #2)!" - Family Feud host (going into a second commercial break since 2003; although Richard Karn does funny jokes about the answers after the last round from 2003-2006), "(insert family with the leading score), you can still win the game if you take this question all the way out." Introducing the Najimy Family: Kathy, Dan, Alexandra, Tom and Mona, ready for action! Bring the fun and excitement of America's favorite game show to your home computer or laptop when you download Family Feud 2 on PC or Mac. - Ray Combs (coming out of the commercial break on occasion), "(insert score recap). - Louie Anderson and Richard Karn (said during the Triple Round, on a steal whose bank whether or not they may have enough points to win, from 1999-2003), "I'm only going to read the question once to you two." Who's gonna play? What is the number 1 Bullseye answer? Harvey: Name a city people win vacations to. O'Hurley: Name something that a fed-up wife might finally tell her husband to do for himself.Contestant: Umsatisfy himself. [mouths to camera: "No way."] "It's time for the Family Feud! Joe and Beldar, come on, let's go! Anderson: Name a talk show host you watch in the daytime. God bless all the little children in the world. What is the top answer to this question: (insert question)? "- Ray Combs from The New Family Feud 1992-1994, "Thank you. - Ray Combs on the Tran family only getting 77 points for $385 in Fast Money and left the stage after signing off in the 1994 series finale. Combs: Name something you put on before you go to bed. So, write to us, won't ya? Contestant: Yes. Combs:[during Fast Money]A word used to describe a plane flight. Read the first question (e.g., Name something you eat on Thanksgiving) and the first person to hit the buzzer has five seconds to answer what they think is the best answer. - Ray Combs on the first episode of the CBS daytime version from 1988 [including a reference joke from The Price is Right], "Thank you. Karn: Name a board game people are really good at.Contestant:Jeopardy.Karn: Or, I should say, "What isJeopardy?". - Ray Combs (going into a commercial from 1988-1989), "We're coming right back with great questions and surprising answers (and a lot more Feuding fun) right after this." And now, here's the star of our show,STEVE HARVEY!!! ), "Is Number (insert number)(insert answer)?" Family Feud is a game where players must guess the most popular survey answers. Cool! Get online!" Let's see. Karn: Name a word that rhymes with "cookie".Contestant: Nookie. And now, here's your host, RICKI LAKE!!! You don't--we're gonna point to the board and this is the reason you'd dump a guy, ok? You know it's up there, Steve-" (normal) No,Idon't know adamnthing that's up there! {turns to board] Shoes! - Gene Wood (1976-1985), "For tickets, just send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Tickets, CBS Television City, Family Feud, 7800 Beverly Blvd. - Ray Combs at the start of the Bullseye Round from 1992-1994, "Each member of each family is going to get a chance to play the Bullseye game, and each team will play the Bullseye round to determine how much money you could be playing for in Fast Money if you win the game. Dawson: Name something Russia is famous for. - Ray Combs during the Fast Money Round, "ZEROOOOOOO!" [BUZZ]. Combs:[during Fast Money]Name a place you check in and out of. O'Hurley: A famous Christina.Contestant: Christina the Car. We got a good one today. Let's go." Family game night will never be the same. Arthur's Family Feud/Transcript < Arthur's Family Feud View source Introduction The TV shows a journalist standing in front of a partly destroyed building. Get online." - Ray Combs (going to a final commercial break before Fast Money is played; 1988-1994), "Who's gonna play Fast Money? This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 2 pages. . This is the greatest show I've ever had! O'Hurley: Name an actor fromBaywatchwho is still hot today.Contestant:Brad Pitt. I got time, seems like. - Family Feud host (going into a first commercial break since 2003; although Richard Karn does funny jokes about the answers after the last round from 2003-2006), "It's still anybody's game, so come on back." (got 8 points!). High School Reunion Tournament, (insert team #2) playing for (insert charity)! (wild cheers and applause continue) Stop, please. "- Ray Combs on the first episode of the Bullseye Round from The New Family Feud in 1992, "Welcome to the Family Feud. Harvey: If your stomach is that big, you do not see it anywhere. Playing against the Roderick Family: Brande, Debbie, Walter, Jason and Betty, on your marks! YOU SAID IT, AND THEN YOU SAID "DO I HAVE TO MAKE YOU SAY IT AGAIN?" Something kids fill with water. Thank you! - Richard Dawson from his 1995 "America's Finest" week season finale. THE NOGYS!" Welcome to Family Feud. Combs: [during Fast Money] A state that gets a lot of snow. Karn: Name a road sign that describes your love life.Contestant: Slippery when wet.Karn: This is starting to feel like the oldMatch Game, you know. From (insert location here, followed in the first season by a rhyming couplet about the family name), it's the (insert family #2)!! HOO! Harvey:This is when you know we're goin' to Hell. (cheers and applause) RICHARD: You can stop here again, here please. Despite Steve's reaction, it's on the board. "Please do not ask me to repeat the question, because I am only going to read it once." Hello/Welcome to (insert family #1)! Introducing the (insert family #1 and their names), playing against (our returning champions,)the (insert family #2 and their names)! - Gene Wood and Richard Dawson (1978-1980) - Version B. (On your marks!) Use the sound effects app to play a right (ding) / wrong (buzz) sound effect. (insert first winning family member). You got a pillow, a doll, mirror, using a hand, that stuff animal is waiting, you put all your damn thing. Be good to your family/families. Thank you." Besides medicine, tell me something else you can buy at most drugstores. - Richard Karn (going to a final commercial break before Fast Money is played; 2003-2006), "Who's playing? ", you (champions) remain the champs, otherwise the new champs are called the (challengers)!". Please sit down. I Know! Karn: Name a country other than the US that is admirable.Contestant's family:Africa or Europe. Harvey: Wehave a new device now called YouTube, you will be a amazing star. A text-based Family Feud game build on a client-server architecture. "This is the Perry Family: Don, Yana, Doug, Heather and Ivan, ready for action! Show me Van Waylon! - Richard Dawson (going into a final commercial break before Fast Money is played; 1976-1985 and 1994-1995), "I need two players for $5,000/$10,000/Fast Money. Harvey: Instead of a casket, name something a person might choose to be buried in Harvey: (starts laughing) In a---In a-- Let's see here. 100 people surveyed, top (insert number) answers are on the board. Harvey: We asked one hundred women, name a reason you'd dump a guy. - Louie Anderson (Playstation), "Now remember, whoever's in the lead at the end of this questiongoes on to play Fast Money, and a chance for $20,000!" From all of us here at the Feud, youll be missed, Mr. Goodson. What are y'all clappin' for?! In 15/20seconds, I'll ask you five questions, you give me five answers; try to give me the most popular answers. ", "Did any of our 100 people in the survey said (insert answer)?" - Gene Wood (1988-1993). Family Feud is a classic television game show that premiered in 1976 and continues airing today. - Gene Wood (1985 Daytime Finale). 4. I have no doubt. "Who's gonna play for $5,000/$10,000? There were more bad answers, including Spain, Fiji, Armenia and Saudi Arabia. - Richard Dawson (to recap the scoring after every main-game), "We're Feuding (on CBS)!" - Richard Karn (usually said at the start of the Triple Round from 2002-2006), "Nobody (has)reached 300 points, so we're going to play Sudden Death." (audience laughs and says "I am sorry")Contestant: (laughs)Harvey:Steve:"Family"! Now today, we have two families going to do battle for the chance at playing Fast Money, for a jackpot that could be worth more than $5,000! Dawson: Name a part of a telephone. "Some (of the) departing contestants/families will receive (insert prizes)." Harvey: Well, welcome toFamily Feudeverybody. Karn: Name a sport husbands and wives can play together. Let me say that, first of all, its a pleasure to be with you. [ strike ] Ray Combs: Ooohhh.. two strikes. That's me! Harvey:We'll be right back! Harvey: Fill in the blank, pie in the what. - Ray Combs on the first episode of the daily syndicated version from 1988, "Thank you. - Louie Anderson (2000-2001), "Louie Anderson's wardrobe is provided by Rochester Big & Tall Clothing." I haven't been this excited, since I got the oil drilling rights to Jack Lord's hair! ", takes the points. Dawson: Name an animal with really good sight. That's the wrong show!" But I want you to know,that I'm excited about being on CBS, and hosting this show. Good night." Combs:[during Fast Money]Name something you must have in order to live. [ The Baldwins clap and cheer ] Ray Combs: Can I see a fax machiiiiine! Harvey: Name a word or phrase that follows the word pork.Contestant: "Upine"Harvey: Huh? A food associated with Christmas. And now, the star of our show, STEVE HARVEY! (smacks lips) The first time I ever saw people of any color, was when D-Day left from my hometown in England, to go and free Europe from the war. Right after the show, outside, Don and Woodstock are gonna be kicking each other's ass. Harvey:Okay, what'd you say? (laughter from one of the teams)This is a family show, so both families never agreed not to be able to behave, like their at home. Will you please join me and welcome our very first family, the Moseley family!" [BUZZ]. - When the losing team gets $500 in the form of the Green Dot Prepaid Card(used since the 2015-16 season), "(X) points is tough in the second position. Combs: Name an occupation helicopters are used for. Our thoughts and prayers go out of his family and friends. Otherwise, player 2 gets control of the round. - Richard Dawson, "(You got control.) - Ray Combs (upon a strong shout sometimes whenever an answer scored zero in Fast Money), "Didn't make our survey." Bing. We'll miss you, Louie." You come over here with me. - Ray Combs in the second half of the 1992 pilot, "Welcome to The Family Feud Challenge. [buzzer] You're a little strange. 2023 Jeopardy! Yah, lawn, steve!Harvey:Huh, L I O N. Oh, that spelled it, what the hell is a pork lawn! (audience applause) Take a nice round of applause on that! Harvey: At what age does a person struggle to stay up til midnight on New Year's Eve. ", "If you plan on being in the Los Angeles Area and would like you and your family like to become a contestant on Family Feud, send a postcard to: Family Feud (Contestants), 6430 Sunset Blvd.